Excellence in Hardwood

Conway Hardwood is a family-run business based in Connecticut, USA. And we use traditional standards and craftsmanship to create beautifully crafted flooring and millwork from the finest materials.

Early Days

Jerry Conway began honing his cabinet-making and fine-woodworking skills from the age of 19 in his dad’s home workshop in Roxbury, Connecticut. From these early days, Jerry set the bar for beautiful wood furniture and millwork of the highest standards. And to this day, it is our focus on standards and quality that sets us apart from so many of our competitors.


Who We Work With

Over the years, we have developed close working relationships with specialist floor installation companies, local builders, architects and home-owners who share our passion and appreciation for the finest hardwood flooring and millwork. And whether it’s an order for a few hundred square feet for a local homeowner, or three hundred thousand feet for an exclusive Manhattan tower, we’ll deliver a solution on-time and on-budget, precisely meeting your project needs as required.

Expertise in production and project management

Supplying some of New York’s most prestigious buildings is about more than creating finished wood flooring and millwork of the highest standards. From our substantial experience working with project managers to detailed logistics planning, we have the resources and project expertise to handle projects of all sizes and locations.

Kyle and Jerry Conway

Kyle and Jerry Conway


Providing exceptional hardwood flooring and millwork starts well before you enter the workshop.

Identify and source

Carefully collaborating with our partners and clients to establish project requirements, we can then apply our knowledge to choose the right timber species or grain that will become the finished flooring. Using our network of lumber mills and timber merchants throughout the US and Canada, we select the right wood for your project.

Craft and create

Now the lumber has been chosen, the workshop phase can begin. From our long-established workshop in Connecticut, we combine the traditional skills of cabinet-making and fine-furniture with contemporary production engineering and processes. While we deploy technology and machinery where appropriate, a truly authentic parquet floor, for example, can only produced by cutting cut each individual woodblock by hand.

Refine and deliver

Taking guidance from our client and inspiration from our surroundings, our design and production team takes the care and attention to produce high quality, beautifully crafted flooring.  And once the production work is complete, our logistics team takes over. Our own delivery service operates along the East Coast of the United States, with support from specialist freight companies for dispatch beyond that. Conway is well known for ensuring all orders are expertly packaged and crated, ready to deliver on-time and in perfect condition.