Janos P. Spitzer (prominent Flooring CONSULTANT) says of Conway:

“I met Jerry Conway 30 years ago and have been doing business with his company, Conway Hardwood Products, ever since. I bought flooring from him as a flooring contractor and for the last 10 years, since I've work as a wood flooring consultant, he has been supplying my most demanding clients with wood flooring materials. 


Jerry is willing to undertake orders with extremely challenging specifications and executes them with meticulous attention from choice of lumber to precision machining. Jerry’s extensive knowledge of regionally sourced lumber and his sensitivity to wood, in general, is rooted in his furniture making background and his enthusiasm for collecting early American furniture. Each order of flooring is minutely discussed with Jerry from species, dimension, grain structure, regional color and board quality, making sure, that any group of flooring produced in his mill is appropriate to the project’s specification. What is exceptional in Conway’s operation is that Jerry is dedicated to manufacturing only custom fabricated flooring and refuses to participate in the downward spiralling commodity wood flooring market.

I find it remarkable, that while this operation is tagged as a “boutique mill “, due to its high-quality products, it can produce orders as small as a few hundred square feet of planks for a local homeowner or three hundred thousand feet for one of Manhattan’s giant condominium towers. What is even more remarkable, that both orders are executed with the same care and attention to detail, while completed and delivered on time as scheduled.

Janos P. Spitzer

Janos P. Spitzer

In doing business with Conway Hardwood for over 30 years, I have never been disappointed regarding the quality of flooring produced, or any undue delays in meeting deadlines. On the contrary, my experience with Jerry is that he operates the mill with the highest level of integrity, resolutely keeping his commitments honourably and never making promises he cannot keep. I further attribute the success of the mill to the obvious skill and also the congenial spirit of the personnel, from Jerry, to his brother Billy, to the machine operators, helpers, truck drivers, and the cheery and efficient ladies in the office. One can sense, even during a short visit, that every person working here is treated with respect and dignity, wants to work here and do good work.

The well-deserved result is that Conway Hardwood enjoys an outstanding reputation in the North-East for producing custom fabricated wood flooring for projects, that demands nothing, but the very best floor boards. Conway supplied flooring for many of Manhattan’s most notable high-rise residential condominiums. I am looking forward to working with Jerry Conway on my next project.”

- Janos P. Spitzer